History of the world

A prosperous world where there was peace and harmony. Advancements in clockwork, Atomitrons, and steam powered technology was king. advancements were great and helped all.

27 BGS With that overpopulation became an issue soon groups of people started looking elsewhere for living and new opertunities. some looked to the sky and built great aircities cappible of flying above the land. Others saw opertunity below the ocean. to a new society able to have what they work for. others stayed on the land each society working hard to be the best that they can.

12 BGS Over a couple years the land society was struck by a terrible droubt and a famin was ruining the land. The leaders of the land society called upon the help of the sea society but the plea for help was ignored.

9 BGS the land society took the ignore as the sea society turned there back on them and it was a call to arms. So the land society attacked the sea society who were already in there own trouble. The sea society was starting to turn in on itself. This was due to a new genetic enhansement the sea society created. this formula gave people extrordinary powers and was extreamly addictive to the user if too much was taken. the addicts that relied on is chaned the way they acted as if there minds were spliced.

8 BGS What was left of the leaders of the sea society and there military fought a battle on both sides and after 5 years of fighting between the two the sea socitey crumbled. There own downfall was from the powres they gave themselfs to protect there home. there whole way of life and there city was left in shambles.

3 BGS Once the sea society was taken of its goods the land society became greedy and turned to the air society. they demanded that if they do not pay goods and gold to them the that there would be no truths between them. the air society refused and so as prommised the land society attacked the air society.

2 BGS At this time the land society became split as a small group of people who wanted nothing to do with this war and wanted peace. they seeked ruffuge in the moutain and started to carve out an entire city in the moutain to protect themselves from the others. They also wanted to preserve the history of the world they knew.

0 AGS After construction was complete they sent an expidition to the sea society to recover teacknology and see if anyone wanted to seek refuge with them. they were to late to save the people fo the sea society. The expidition team were attacked when they arrived. they grabed what they could and retreated back to the moutain where they sealed themsefs off.

17 AGS with the constant fighting with the land society happening. The air society had to use a last resort and droped nucular bombs and wiped all of the land society completely. but in turn the fallout that they created effected teh air cities and they all eventually crashed to teh ground.

168 AGS The people in the moutain started to adventure out of the moutan and started to discover creachers never seen and these citied that were maraculesly still standing. serching through them they were able to peace togeather how to build airships. the moutain society started to expand over the landsoon they abandoned the moutain and lived in this new land of wonder.

204 AGS The cities once found in ruin were once again triving

296 AGS The society grew and so did the differences in classes the people of the lower class and the upper class were becoming more and more distant untill a revolution happened and the lower class revolted. this process almost distroid the towns that were once thriving had to start again.

302 AGS After alot of hard work the people started to work togeather and became equal and prosperous again

327 AGS later piricy became an issue.

345 The old city in the moutains was found.

348 AGS The first guild was founded.

427 AGS The hero’s pick up there first job.

History of the world

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