Osoron Cepheus


Age – 28
Eyes – Brown
Hair – Black
Size – Light, lanky
Height – 6’3"
Weight – 160 lbs

Stat Score Mod
STR 10 0
DEX 10 0
AGL 12 1
CON 10 0
INT 14 +2
WIS 11 +0 (x 1.5 Highwind Tattoo)
CHA 16 +3
APP 12 +1

Luck +1

HP: 64
DR: 0
AC: 18
Attack Bonus: 0 Mellee, 0 Ranged, 1 Unarmed (BAB 0,0,0)
Max. Damage:
2d10 (2-20) False Damage for 4 rounds
Or 1d6 + STR + 1 (2-7) Damage

Fortitude: 4
Will: 8
Reflex: 7


Osoron Cepheus was always a bit of a black sheep in his family. His dark demeanor and unusual sense of humor kept him from fitting in well with the high-energy, light-hearted Velarus-Cepheus family. At the age of 12, he stowed away aboard a ship to Kraul, wanting to grow up fast and get away from his family.

Within the first week, Osoron knew he had made a bad decision. Lost and alone on unfamiliar streets, he barely managed to feed himself. On his tenth night in Kraul, Osoron found himself backed into an alley by a couple of thugs he had tried to steal from. They beat him savagely, and as he was losing his grip on consciousness, the two men suddenly shouted and ran away.

When Osoron awoke, he was in a warm bed. He could smell fresh food being cooked in another room. He met a young woman named Anika, who explained that she had seen Osoron in trouble and summoned an illusion of a few policemen to scare off the attackers. She gave him food, clothing, and a place to stay, but on the condition that he would work as her apprentice. Osoron gladly accepted.

After 8 years as an apprentice to Anika, everything seemed to be going well for Osoron. Until he was found attempting to dispose of her dead body. He was tried for murder, and claimed he had only been defending himself. His pleas seemed legitimate, but Anika was well known as a kind-hearted woman. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

When his parents learned of Osoron’s situation, they used their political influence to lessen his sentence to 8 years. They visited him, and asked him what happened. All he told them was “I had to do it.” His mother died a year later, and his father died 6 years after that.

At the age of 28, Osoron was released from prison and left Kraul. Travelling light, he came to the only place he knew he would be welcome – the Highwind Guild – for a fresh start.

Osoron Cepheus

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