Kurtis Kinderton


Age – 27
Eyes – Red
Hair – Black, Long/Unkemp
Size – Medium
Height – 5’9"
Weight – 168 lbs

Stat Score Mod
STR 14 (18) +2 (4)
DEX 14 +2
AGL 16 (20) +3 (5)
CON 16 (20) +3 (5)
INT 16 +3
WIS 18 +4(6) (x 1.5 Highwind Tattoo)
CHA 18 +4
APP 18 +4

Luck 2 (4)

HP: 125 (133)
MP: 114
AC: 17 (19)

Fort: 9 (11)
Will: 14
Ref: 11 (13)

Attack Bonus:
Melee: 2 (4)
Unarmed: 2 (4)
Ranged: 11

Unspent: 0
Accumulated: 64

Revolver (3-barrel, custom grip) (Death Penalty)
attack bonus: -3
dmg: 8d8 +10
crit: x3.5
type: piercing
range: 30ft (x2 hawkeye goggles)
size: standard
enchant lvl: 5
special: targets only apply have of their piercing dmg DR rounded down when calculating damage. +5 to disarm attempt rolls against me. Heartseaker.

Attack with this weapon: Attack Bonus = 8, Dmg = 8d810, 9’s are 10’s on the crit die +1 luck for crit (5 total luck for rolling crits)

Pistol (x1)
attack bonus: 2
dmg: 2d6 (
2d6 vs undead, heals for +2d6 two times a day)
crit: 3x
type: piercing
range: 60ft (x2 hawkeye goggles)
size: standard
enchant lvl: 5
special: +2 to attack when used with 2 hands, can shoot through allies without harming them

Attack with this weapon: Attack Bonus = 11, Dmg = 2d611

Armor prof 1

Weapon prof (firearm) 3 simple, martial, exotic

precision shot (does not suffer from -4 penalty for targets engaged in melee combat)

crit shot 5 (+5 to ranged attack, +2 luck, +1 to crit, once per day can declare next shot to be a crit)

rapid reload 2 (1 free action reload per round) up to martial

Zen archery 2 (may use wis modifier instead of dex mod for ranged attacks and damage)

Jump 2 (can jump 10ft hieght and 20ft length)

enchant cost: 25MP (+50MP for armor)
effect 5 (can apply +1 bonus to weapons and armor, can do lvl 1 effect to weapons
speed 5 (takes 1 hours per bonus/enhancement)

Fast Healing: 2 (4)
Appraise: 8
Athletics: 10(12)str/10dex/11(13)agil
Bluff: 16
Craft: Firearms: 18
Craft: Ammunition: 8
Craft: swordsmith: 8
Diplomacy: 13
Jump: 11 (13)
Knowledge: Firearms: 7
Knowledge: Enchant: 7
Listen: 15 (20)
Spell Craft: 13
Spot: 20 (25)
Wilderness: 12 (17)


Kurtis killed a man once, or twice… but no one seems to remember. The police mysteriously lost the papers. He was then approached by a gentleman who offered an alternative to being in jail, which was to join an organization that specialized in bodyguards for hire. Over a few years he became very proficient with the use of firearms through natural talent and the advice from others within the organization, known as the Turks.

While within the Turks, he was assigned to be a bodyguard to Sophia Vlashinggrier, who was working on a secret project with Professor Was, involving exposing individuals to high concentrations of eve(magic) in the city of Amberfol. He ended up disagreeing with where the experiments where going, since they were trying to inject Sophia’s unborn fetus with the high concentrations of eve, and tried to get her to stop, but she would not listen. He then went to Professor Was to try and stop the experiments, but instead received a bullet to the heart as a reward for attempting to end these twisted experiments. Sophia found him, bleeding sputtering words of protest. In a last ditch effort to save him she took him to an underground facility, unknown to even the Turks. There she used all of the gathered research from this experiment to not only save Kurtis, but give him the ability to fight the very group that had betrayed him. Kurtis awoke, alone, in a clean room under close observation of Turk scientists. Shortly after he was informed Sophia had perished during the birth of her experimental offspring. Feeling that he owed his life to Sophia and seeking revenge against the group that had forced him to become a monster, Kurtis fled the Turks using the very abilities they had given. Vowing to get Stronger and return to finish what he started. He has heard word that Professor Was has gone into hiding, but his horrific experiments are still showing up around the world. With a little luck, Kurtis hopes these experiments will lead him right to the front door of the good Doctor.

Kurtis then proceeded to travel around where he ran into an unfortunate blind man that goes by the name of Felix Longshore. He first ran into Felix stumbling out of a bar into the streets looking deathly pale from a poison that he had been exposed to. He took Felix to a healer, which seemed to help with his condition, but Felix was left permanently blinded. They then proceeded to seek revenge on those that had poisoned Felix. They got recruited to join the Highwind Guild. While there he still remained fairly unnoticed by everyone, but would go out on missions with Felix, who seemed to be the only one to even remotely remember who he was, which they hoped would help them get closer to finding those that had wronged them!

Kurtis Kinderton

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