Felix Longshore


Felix (The Cat) Longshore

Age – 23
Eyes – Grey/white (i mean he IS blind)
Hair – Black
Size – Light, but sturdy
Height – 5’11
Weight – 155 lbs

Stat Score Mod
STR 8 -1
DEX 20 +5 (x1.5 Highwind Tattoo)
AGL 20 +5
CON 12 +1
INT 13 +1
WIS 10 0
CHA 15 +2
APP 18 +4

Luck 1

MP: 43
DR:-3 Slashing
Attack Bonus: 26
Damage: Dual Wielding 1d8
+1d8 dancing blades×2

Melee Prof-3
Wep Finesse-1
Weapon Focus-2
Blind Fighting-3
Improved Initiative-1
Two Weapon Fighting-1


Magic Shield-1
Physical Shield-1


Felix Longshore had a good life. His family was a wealthy family heavily involved in the budding trading business developing In Shangri-la. Sent off on a business venture by his father to Lakemound in order to negotiate trade contracts with various trappers there. While in heated discussions his eye was caught by that of unimaginable beauty. Promising to continue their discussions the following morning, Felix approached the woman, praying she was not spoken for. Hours of laughter and one too many later the woman asked Felix if he was a gambling man. Deciding he was, he asked what they would be placing stakes on. From her bag the woman produced a vial of what appeared to be Eve, but the color was wrong, something felt off. But the maiden had him entirely wrapped around her little finger. Without a word of protest he opened his mouth and allowed her to pour the contents of the vial down his throat. The last thing he can remember seeing was her stepping up close and saying, “if you’re worthy, you will survive, if not you shall perish in horrible agony. I almost hope you survive, few men can make me laugh this much.”

Then it was darkness, darkness and pain. Pain seeming to last for hours. He found himself stumbling through the streets. Clinging to strangers he couldnt see in hope of salvation. One kind stranger caught him as he fell. A few encouraging words let Felix know this man was trying to help him. Endless dreams later Felix awoke in darkness, and according to the healer, thats all his world would ever be. From what the healer could tell, the experimental Eve was more like a poison. While meant to free the latent magical abilities of a subject, a 100% mortality rate had been reported. Felix was Lucky, he knew this. He learned the name of his savior was Kurtis Kinderton. Felix had 2 requests of this man, help him find a master who could teach him to fight. And help him get revenge on those who destroyed his life and so they couldnt do it to anyone every again. With some help from Kurtis, who always caught Felix as odd because unless he was very near him he always seemed to be foggy in his memory, he found a master willing to teach him how to fight even with his handicap. It was a struggle but as he trained he noticed his other senses had seemed to take up the burden left by his lack of sight.

5 years later Felix and Kurtis were able to take revenge on those who had caused so much wrong and pain. Deciding that going back to Shangri-la was never again going to be possible, he chose instead to take up an invitation to join the Highwind Guild with Kurtis. Nothing better to do with all of this training, right?

Felix Longshore

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