A new tattoo

Kettle Trading Company Escort (part 4)

Our heroes found themselves on the road to Amberfol. Growing tired of the cursed ring, Tash recruited Felix to remove the ring and his pinky with it. After 2 attempts felix severs the digit, yet the ring remained, held in place by the powerful enchantment. During a short piss break, Allan manged to not only locate an albino bear, but also punch it. Right in the dick. Running from the trees alerting his group of the bear, Felix decides this bear would make a suitable addition for the group and makes an attempt at taming it. A mis-step on Felix’s part earns him a bash from the shiny bear and it manages to escape after Tash makes a pathetic phantom roar, alerting the bear it was safe to move forward. Depressed by his loss of bear Felix spent the rest of the trip pouting atop the caravan, not even noticing Allan nearly fall off the caravan while mocking him. The rest of the journey to Amberfol was un-eventful and before they knew it our heroes were in Amberfol. As soon as they arrived the group slpit, each moving to attend to matters of bartering or money making. Upon learning the price to have the ring removed Tash attempted to earn the money through pick-pocketing. Unfortunately a grievous error caused Tash to be arrested after he was caught red handed. With no one else around the rest of the group was completely unaware of Tash’s incarceration. During all of this, Felix made his was to the woods with Kurtis, his goal to lure in a new companion. After a short while the same Albino bear showed itself yet again. After 2 full days of patience, Felix was able to tame the beast. Naming him Iorek. The rest of the group remained ignorant of Tash being locked away and moved through their days in Amberfol ignorant of his plight.

Kettle Trading Company Escort (part 3)

Well, after a few more days of Travel our Adventurers finally found themselves in the Bustling city of Shangri-La. After getting Kurtis to a local INN to allow him to rest and recover from his injuries the rest of the group moves about the town, bartering and gathering information, all the while the Pureblood tower looms in their vision. Deciding this tower cannot be ignored the group hatches a plan to investigate. Felix and Osoron make their way to the tower, noticing the closer they get the less of a presence magic has, until it finally seems to vanish all together. Posing as off-duty officers they hoped to gain access with no fuss. But the secretary told them they would need to return with a warrant. Upon seeing the secretary a wave of pure rage fly through the telepathic link between Felix and Osoron, which Felix quickly severs and moves to escort Osoron from the tower before any harm could be done. While The derpy duo was trying to bust into the tower, the other 3 were moving about town gathering info on the tower. Kurtis even tried to apply to live there, but the secretary was unable to remember him long enough to process his request. Osoron and Felix went to the police station and managed to acquire a permit allowing them to forge a warrant for the tower and 2 spare police uniforms. During this time Allan was casing the tower and near-by areas to create an escape route in case this went loud. Placing Kurtis, Osoron and Tash in spots to cover the escape route, Felix and Allan re-entered the tower, forged warrant in hand. After a brief investigation the tower seemed to be exactly what it appeared to be, Pureblood housing and research. leaving the city without incident they caravan began making its way Amberfol. on the 2nd night of travel 3 bandits raided the caravan but all 3 were quickly dispatched by Kurtis and Felix. A few minor trinkets on the bandits were their reward. after a nights rest they continued for their next objective.

Kettle Trading Company escort (Part 2)

Are heroes continue their way towards Shangri-La. Just as they’re about to arrive in the town their path was blocked by a bunch of boulders. So Ellen decided to get out and you scratch your chairs on the boulders. With a pile of broken chairs in front of the boulder he turns towards the Caravan and starts walking back. At this time a splicer comes up behind Allan and attacks and with the chair leg. Soon after she decides to run up to the front Caravan with Curtis and front. And 4 other splicers come to join the fight. After a while 2 spicers find their way into the front Caravans start rummaging through well Curtis tries to fend them off one of the splicers is able to secure some items and he runs away. With that some of the other splicers run away but they were able to knock out and secure one of them. Italian up and take him into Shangri-La where they hand them over to the police and find out that 150 gold worth items or stolen and the group offered to take it out of their pay for the job they’re doing.

Kettle Trading Company escort (Part 1)

After a couple weeks letting the events the happened settle the guild slowly start opening up more more jobs so our group decided to take an escort job. A group gets the details that they are going to be escorting the Kettle Trading Company which is a well-known group started by Zackariah Kettle. So the next morning they meet up at the shop. As they walk in they are met by a older gentleman and he introduces himself as Zakaria. Tash decides to challenge him to fisticuffs and proceeds to lose very badly. The group went to the back and meet with the rest of the people they are going to be escorting. They meet Bertram Belcher, Charlotte Claringbold, Cornelia Langstaff, Harrison Silver, and Irwin Cadwell. They find out that their main mission is to escort the group through all the towns because they are planning on opening up a new shop and Kraul. They’re stopping through Shangri-la and Lakemound to pick up some spare supplies to stock the shop in Kraul as well as catch up with how the shops are doing. They decide to head out and travel for about a day rest for the night. The next day they travel and that night they take the rest around a campfire. Felix Longshore decides to take watch as well as Osoron Cepheus. In the middle of the night Osoron notices some movement around in the shadows. By this time Felix is asleep. After a little while they get attacked by some Splicers. Felix and Curtis are knocked out and can’t get up. Bertram and charlotte decide to join the fight and help out the group. After some fighting the rest of the members were able how to get to the trailers and head off the group narrowly escaped thanks to Kurtis Kinderton being able to wake up and shoot some of the splicers too help the group get away. The group continues their journey toward Shangri-La.

The hunt for Arnold August

Our heroes decide to pickup the Bounty job and as they’re about to set off they go to Tyne Newbery’s office . As they walk in they see two unfamiliar faces. As members of the Highland Guild many times people are put together in groups and Tyne decided that Felix Longshore and Kurtis Kinderton we’re a good fit with the group. So the group set out towards Amberfol. Tyne asked if the group could deliver a letter to the Department of Adam for them. They traveled for about a day when they came across an old abandoned town. In the town they saw a trading wagon. As they approach closer they find that there is someone in one of the houses. Going into the house they find themselves with a older Trader armed with a very powerful weapon. After much tension they were able to dissolve the situation and left the town to stay the night outside of the town. The next day they walk some more and found themselves in another town with a still barely running Saloon. Walking in they try to gather information about Arnold. After asking around they find that someone has been staying in the old abandoned Factory. Deciding to check it out are heroes head over there. Cautiously approaching the building they scan the perimeter and notice that there are two main entrances. So Osoron Cepheus and Kurtis decide to keep watch on both doors while Allan Lucas Remington and Felix check inside. Scoping out the first floor all they find is a lot of small pipes and other discarded metals. They notice on the second floor that there is a fire going and one of the Kilns. As they sneak their way up without any major mishap they’re able to spot what seems to be the description of Arnold. Felix miraculously finding something to throw decided to lob a piece of metal across the room. As the person goes to look at it he goes to pick it up and Allan tries to use crash of chairs on him but it doesn’t quite reach. Noticing the suddin abundance of chairs Arnold decides to try and flee. But Allen quickly uses slick to make him stumble. With Arnold falling on the ground Allen tries to quickly grab Arnold and Allen starts stumbling over the chairs he created that now has slick on them. Eventually they were able to apprehend Arnold and Arnold decided to try and explain himself. Speaking with our heroes Arnold explains that the item he had stolen was the arm that he is using. When he was very young a splicer decided to jump him and attack him and he lost his arm in the process but they were able to replace it with a clock Works arm. Wile at his job a mishap happened where his clockworks arm got crushed and seeing as he couldn’t work anymore they laid him off. The company never replaced his arm and he was never able to find a job since then because he didn’t have one of his arms. So he decided to steal and arm and hoped that he would be able to find a job to eventually pay for it. Our Heroes eventually convinced Arnold that he should turn himself in and gives the arm back. And once everything was sorted out they extended an invitation to the Highwind Guild. The party decided to split and Osoron and Kurtis went to Amber full to deliver the letter . The trip back was fairly uneventful for Allan and Felix . Arnold turn himself in and awaited judgment. Osoron and Kurtis arrived in the town and went to the the department of Adams Building. And there they delivered a letter to one of the researchers a older woman who was working on a new spell. She decided to give them a demonstration on the new spell. This spell was develops so that you can teleport to anywhere you want. She started to open a portal and as the portal got bigger and bigger it started to waver. At about that time Osoron asked if this was safe she turned her head to him and said oh yeah this is fine. Just then a large Shockwave emanated from the portal and blasted everybody onto the ground. At that time Alan and Felix were in the main hall of the guild when they were blasted to the ground as well. Getting up Osoron and Kurtis looked at each other and both were okay. Then the researcher got up but she looked different and Umbral like. She then decided to shoot them out saying that she needed to do more research. Kurtis and Osoron headed back to the Highwind Guild. When they got back they met up with Alan and Felix and collected their bounty. They asked Tyne what happened and he said that he is unsure on what all is going on but he has very good connections and they will hopefully understand the reasoning behind this very soon.

The First escort part 2

I heros continue their escort mission after just escaping from the splicers. As they continue on they come up to shangri-la. On their way up they notice a giant building reaching far up into the sky. Seeing it and still being half a day’s journey away they can tell the scale of it. As they continue up they go into a busy bizarre. After they help set up the Stand for the traders. They decide to adventure and see what wears they can find. As they’re walking around they suddenly get bumped into by a busy person and out of nowhere they notice him stop suddenly after being stoped by a large security person and he falls to the ground they quickly noticed that he had been stabbed by a small dagger not a terrible wound but still enough to stop him they realize that he had stolen some silk from a vendor which is not allowed. Soon after some healers came up as well as security to take the silk back to the vendor and catch the thief. Looking around something catches Tash‘s eye. A nice pair of goggles sadly the goggles are a bit out of his price range so he settled for a lesser pair but still nice. Meanwhile Osoron decides to people watch and enjoy himself at a hookah lounge. He eventually notices nice young woman that catches his eye and goes up to her tries to make small talk. But unfortunately she was very busy and had to leave. Our good friend Allan decides that he would like to mosey around. As he’s doing so a nice merchant decides to call Allan over to show him his wares which are some very nice boots. After a little while he was soon able to purchase the nice boots. And they continue Verde soon after the shop started to close down for the night and our heros decided to stay with the traders. At night Tash decides to go out to see if he can steal the goggles that he wanted oh so much but was not able to. The next morning he decided to make a deal with the vender to take in the goggles for the difference in gold. After an morning of pickpocketing he soon was able to get enough money to purchase the goggles he wanted. Well that was happening Allan and Osorion decided to go into the center of town and do some street performance to gain a little side money. Around midday the traders were done selling what goods they had and we’re ready to go back to Odifrion. It was a smooth trip back. Are heroes Cash in there a score job and scored some gold. Soon after they decided to pick up a bounty job. The job was to find and bring in a thief alive. The thief had stollen some items from a store.

The First escort

You will escort Traders from odifrion to shangrala. Stay a day or two and escort from shangrala to odifrion. The escort is one trailer of goods as well as 3 traiders. The three traiders names are Abraham riggs lydia riggs jarvis clarence. Pay will be complete after the job is done. For details talk to Tyne. Expect to be gone for 10 to 12 days.
Our heroes started their journey by meeting up with the traders. They started their walk toward shangri-la along the way they pass by a caravan that looked to be associated with the purebloods. About halfway through their journey to Shangrila they stop by the old abandoned town and set up camp there. Over the night Allan decided to keep watch. In the middle of the night Tash woke up and decided to walk around. Out of nowhere a splicer decided to jump him luckily Allan was close by to help him out. They went toe to toe with the splicer but unfortunately he had some friends and suddenly five suppliers showed up. Our group just narrowly escapes thanks to a mystery man that showed up just at the last minute. And they continue their travels.


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